3 reasons why your business still need self-inking stamps

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March 17, 2017
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June 14, 2017

3 reasons why your business still need self-inking stamps

3 reasons why your business still need self

Self-inking stamps are used for authenticating documents, identifying ownership, and serving as permanent security marking. It is commonly believed that self-inking stamps will become obsolete in the near future. We live in the technological era, so everyone will be working with the newest and most advanced gadgets. Well, not quite. Self-inking stamps are not going away any time soon. No matter what industry you are in, you will still need to imprint dates, your business address or your signature on forms and invoices. Printed-paper is even more special in the technological era. There are many stamps offers in Singapore, so you have many choices at your disposal. Still not convinced that you need self-inking stamps? Here are 3 reasons why your business will still need to use them.

Suiting your stamping needs

The great thing about self-inking stamps is that they can be customised. Simply put, self-inking stamps can be personalised to the customer’s requirements. Having a custom business tool created is the best thing you can do. The tool will help you fulfil all your needs. It allows you to date incoming mail, add an address, add your signature, and imprint the name of your company. You can even use it as the official sign of your company. The bottom line is that the tiny tool will be relevant to your day-to-day business operations. Choose your colour, font, text message, and logo, and have a bespoke self-inking stamp created for your business.

Using as friendly reminders

You can use the self-inking stamp to give yourself or your clients reminders. When it comes to your business, you can use models with messages like “Paid” or “Urgent”. These little messages will literally remind you about what you need to do. Or what you do not need to do. When dealing with clients, on the other hand, you can use stamps with impressions like “Past Due” or ”Final reminder”. These messages are a lot more effective than you think. The best thing is that  you can do many pieces of mail or documents. You will have a clear impression every time.

Making better impressions

One of the things that makes self-inking stamps stand out is their ability to make better impressions. Thanks to advanced technology, the tools have the ability to make impressions that are not grainy or grey. The tiny tools are designed to make jobs run smoothly and offer efficiency, no matter the colour. If you want excellent impression, you have to select the best rubber stamp. A high quality self-inking stamp will last for a long time and it will significantly improve your profit margin.

The bottom line is that your business still needs self-inking stamps. As a matter of fact, they are tools that no business can do without. Why? Because they authenticate and identify important paperwork. Contrary to popular opinion, these business tools will not become obsolete. If you are not using self-inking stamps, you are missi8ng on many benefits. Order your bespoke business tools right now.


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