How to get the best currency exchange rates when you travel

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How to get the best currency exchange rates when you travel

How to get the best currency exchange rates when you travel

It is always exciting to travel, and many people plan their holiday for months. You surely planned everything, from the itinerary to the plane tickets, but there is a very important thing you have to take into account and that is the money. You cannot have the vacation you expect without money, and the truth is that the exchange rates are different depending on where you change your currency. Here is how to compare exchange rates services and get the best deal in order to have a relaxing holiday without stress.

The best time to change your currency

It is preferable to start checking for currency movements at least one month before you go on your holiday and buy when the rate is climbing. Currency rates vary from a day to another but also from one provider to another. The prices are different abroad and this is why it is necessary to look around for the best exchange rates before you acquire.

Where to exchange your currency

The perfect place to exchange your currency does not exist, so you will have to check comparison sites and make some phone calls. It is preferable not to wait until you arrive to the airport, hotel or foreign banks because they will charge more poundage. One more important thing is that if you shop abroad and want to use a credit card, ask to pay in local currency. This way you will avoid the “dynamic currency conversion rate”.

Going online is more profitable

Take your time to plan your holiday. It is preferable to order money online because the rate is going to be better than in the high street. Keep in mind that many exchange providers offer better rates online. Another important thing to keep in mind is that you can negotiate a reduction with specialist bureaus, especially if you exchange a big amount of money. A tip to obtain a discount is to negotiate the rates if you see a different provider that offers rates that are more convenient.

Consider traveller’s checks

If you dislike the idea of carrying a big amount of money abroad, then traveller’s checks could be a good solution. They are secure, and can be replaced if they are stolen or lost. In case of buying these checks, you will probably have to exchange them for money in a bank.

It is preferable to spend the foreign currency before going home

Many times people did not spend all their money in the country they visited. If you visit that country often, you can return home with the rest of the money and keep it until you go there again. If not, try to buy more souvenirs, spend that money in a restaurant or ask the hotel if you can pay the housing with ready money. Avoid spending this budget in the airport, as the expenses there are very big.

It is easy to have a relaxing and pleasant vacation with a little research and if you take your time to plan all the details before leaving.


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