You may find yourself in a situation where you have to decide who is going to get your property after you die? You have to decide what happens to your assets such as bank accounts, stocks, property, estate, insurance policies, etc. If you die without writing a will or having an estate plan, your heirs will be in a lot of problems. It is always better to plan now. Thanks to the laws of the state that you can now create living wills, living trusts and estate plans in your life. It was not possible before. These rules help you ensure that whatever you own stays in the family. Of course, you can name the beneficiary whoever you choose but most of the times it is the descendants. Are you searching for an estate planning attorney in Temecula, CA? The best Temecula estate planning lawyer is HERE. He will help you and take care of all your needs.

Facts about Estate Planning

You may only know that creating an estate plan is a must, but you may not know there are many other things too. Here are a few facts which you may not know, and only a lawyer will tell you upon asking. If you want to have an estate plan and take help from an expert attorney such as Steve F. Bliss he will tell you many other facts which you may not know.

  1. The state will control your assets

The first fact is that the state will manage your assets if you do not have a will, an estate plan or a living trust. If you die without a plan, your descendants will have to fight for the property and other assets.

  1. It offers protection for your children

An estate plan is not just for your peace of mind. It is for your children’s protection. When you create a living trust, you make sure that your kids are not in limbo.

  1. It is not only for the property

Like many people you may also think that an estate plan is only for the property i.e. the assets and for nothing else. It is wrong. When you visit a lawyer, you will know that with an estate plan, you can also control, who will benefit from your insurance policy, and who will benefit from your bank accounts or stocks, etc.

  1. Peace of Mind

Not everyone has good children. You will see that many people have kids with bad habits, and they tend to take away everything after their parents die. Once you create an estate plan, it will give you a peace of mind that all your children will get an equal property. No one will challenge the legal document. But for that it is important you hire an expert estate planning attorney. Only he will help you create a plan which is straightforward and reliable.

  1. It is for everyone

Like many people around you may also think that the estate planning is only for the rich who have millions of dollars worth property. It is not true at all. You can have an estate plan even if your property is less than a million dollar.

  1. Updating the plan is vital

You may think that once you create a plan that’s it. Now you can rest and be at peace, and it is wrong. The estate plan can always change. And sometimes it is necessary to update the estate plan in your life. Unlike a will, you can always make changes to your estate plan. It is important that you refresh the estate plan every three to five years.

  1. You can do it without a lawyer

Well, it is true that you can do it without a lawyer but taking help will ensure its legality. No one can challenge a well written and a legal estate plan.

These are a few facts which you should know. The best Temecula estate planning lawyer is HERE he is Steve F. Bliss Esq. And you can find him here at this address, Steve Bliss 41593 Winchester Rd #200, Temecula, CA 92590, United States. Get a free quote when you meet him or arrange a meeting with him to discuss your problem by calling at this number 951-223-7000.


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